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Fashionably Vintage.... 205 Coming Street

Did you know that Crawford Contracting and Consulting, LLC has a well established reputation in renovating many beloved historic homes and buildings on the peninsula of Charleston as well as in The Old Village of Mount Pleasant?  From commercial spaces, such as Trio Club on Calhoun St. and Mid Town Bar and Grill on upper King St. to various residential homes such as Charleston Single style apartments downtown and quaint historic cottages in the Old Village, Crawford Contracting is well-versed in concept, design, and construction. 

When history is involved, we work to make certain that the integrity of the space is not compromised while giving our clients the clean, fresh and modern space that they desire.  We make every effort to preserve or re-use materials from the space, often re-purposing wood, doors, and bricks.

Pictured directly below is Crawford Contracting's current historic project - a Charleston Single, which is located near the Jewish cemetery on Coming Street (circa 1762).  This structure is ready to receive a make over, and our team is excited to get it started. Once completed, we feel certain that this gem will be a shining star among our gallery of once-derelict homes.  

Also included are various before and after photographs of battered and neglected projects that we've had the privilege of rehabilitating over the years. 

Follow us as we transform our current antiquated eye sore into something lovely, desirable, and fashionably vintage.  We see potential in every old and unloved structure, and can't wait to see the progression of this one.  

Elizabeth Brannock